A Netflix and Chill-Themed Airbnb Is Now Up for Grabs

Make your move.
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(Photo: @tomgalle on Instagram)

(Photo: @tomgalle on Instagram)

Rejoice! The Gods of Airbnb have finally answered our sexy prayers.

An entire Netflix and chill-themed Airbnb is now available for $400 per night. This means you are no longer condemned to performing the storied Netflix ritual on your “shabby chic” futon surrounded by your roomated while your girl fights off fleas.

Instead, you can have an entire suite, complete with a fully stocked mini bar and an HD projector, at your disposal. There is one caveat though: this Airbnb is only available in New York City. It seems the Airbnb Gods have not been so generous with the rest of America.

This bespoke Netflix dream cell is the brainchild of artist Tom Galle and contemporary art company Art 404. Galle told Buzzfeed that “the Netflix and Chill meme sort of naturally came up as the right subject to build a project around, and the more we started thinking about it the more we felt like we should do this ASAP.”

We expect this thing to get booked up pretty quickly, but give it a try

h/t Buzzfeed

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