Claim: These ‘Super Condoms’ Will Feel Great and Prevent Disease

We’re still a little skeptical.

Maria Taglienti / Photolibrary / Getty

In the never-ending quest to get you to wrap your goods before playtime, scientists at Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center say they’ve developed a super condom. They tell the BBC that their fantastic new prophylactic will be “pleasure enhancing” and possess “anti-HIV properties.”

As the Independent also reported, head researcher Mahua Choudhery said these miracle jimmy hats will be infused with antioxidants that “will enhance neurotransmitters which will work with nerve endings, giving greater sexual pleasure.”

The Texas group is reportedly making the condoms out of hydrogel-based material—and hydrogel, they claim, will kill HIV, preventing its spread. 

So far, so good, if all these claims are true. We’ll know when the condoms become available within the next year or so, according to Choudhery. “. . . [We] don’t need FDA approval, and several companies are very interested in working with us,” she told the BBC. 

Condoms that don’t dull experiencing one of the finer things in life and destroy dreaded HIV sound like a pipe dream, but there is real science behind the Texas A&M team’s efforts. Even better, they plan on making them affordable. Whatever the case, we’re looking forward to testing the product in real life.