This New Dating App Finally Makes It Harder for People to Lie About Their Appearance

And it comes with a lot of steamy possibilities, too. 

Let’s admit it: Dating apps are horrible. They are literally the sinkhole of the universe where all of our social niceties devolve into “sup, girl?” and dick pics. They rarely yield dates that don’t end in awkward drinks or drunk, fumbly sex — and, often, regret.

I have a theory why. Dating apps suck because we’re inherently un-invested in our matches. They’re just a picture on a screen with a sentence underneath, trying to prove how carefree and witty we all are. But the worst part is that people never actually match their profiles. Dating apps are basically just one big lie.

But one app is looking to make the experience a little less miserable by integrating video. On Heartbeat by Wildfyre, users record a video message as part of their profile, which you can see if you’re nearby a potential match. Everyone knows you only post photos on those apps where the lighting is *just right* and you miraculously look 6 inches taller and 15 pounds slimmer. It’s a lot harder to hide in a live feed, so chances are with Heartbeat you’ll have a better idea of what you’re actually getting when you roll up to the bar. There’s also the added feature of secure video chatting once you do match, which can only be initiated by women, so start working on your opening line. (Hint: “there she is” may not cut it.)

It’s not out until November, but you can sign up to be an early user here. How long until it devolves into full-on phone sex, we can’t say, but worth a try.