Meet The ‘New Most Interesting Man in the World’

Time to get thirsty again, my friends.

We’ve been waiting eagerly for the unveiling of Dos Equis’ next ultra-suave spokesman since we found out actor John Goldsmith was stepping down from his ten years with the Mexican-brewed, Heineken-owned beer back in July. 

After five long months, we are happy to see that the new “Most Interesting Man in the World” appears to be as intriguing as his predecessor.

Portrayed by French actor Augustin Legrand, the young, trim new brand ambassador partakes in the sorts of activities that you’d expect, from karate chopping a melon with his bare hand to pulling a soccer ball out of a well for some youngsters. Of course, he arrived the same awesome way that the former Most Interesting Man left… via spaceship. 

We can’t decide who we like better, but we know the original will always have a special place in our heart. 

The new man’s legend begins in October, but we’re ready for him to grace us with his clever catchphrases any time. 

H/T Esquire