New Tricks for the Bedroom

Spiff up your sex life with a new spin on old tricks.

In college I snuck around a party with a guy to find a room where we could be alone. They were all full with other couples hooking up, though, so we ended up in a hall closet. It felt like we were back in middle school, playing seven minutes in heaven. The space was dim, cramped, and steamy. Plus, it was exciting to know we could get caught if someone opened the door. So why sneak into a closet only in an emergency? Seven minutes in heaven is just one of many hookup tricks we know and love but rarely take advantage of. Read what real women have to say about taking underused techniques to mind-

blowing new levels.

Old Trick: 69

New Trick: A Sideways Take

A naked puzzle, 69 is quite the forgotten art. Most girls can count on one hand how many times they’ve tried this joint-pleasure deed. The biggest complaint? They can’t get comfortable. But Emma,* a 29-year-old advertising manager, says she and her boyfriend had success with it in the back of a car. Forced to be on their sides with their feet cramped against the windows, the new positioning actually made it hotter. “The car got foggy, but it was so passionate,” she says. “What’s great about 69 is you want this person entirely; there’s nothing else you want—or can do—with them.”

Old Trick: Bang Before Bed

New Trick: Don’t Hit the Snooze Button

Renee Horowitz, M.D., of the Center for Sexual Wellness in Michigan says 75 percent of couples have sex at night between 11 and 11:30—“but having it in the morning may be better than a cup of coffee.” Dara, a 24-year-old therapist, says it’s a great way to get her grumpy boyfriend moving. “I’m usually the most awake in the morning, and I find sex the only thing he’s happy to wake up for,” she explains. Horowitz suggests penciling in time in the morning for a quickie by deciding to wake up a few minutes earlier. “Having morning sex is better than snoozing for the extra 20 minutes.” It starts your day off with a bang!

Old Trick: She’s on Top

New Trick: A Reverse View

You probably both love when she’s on top, but the same satisfying routine can still lose its thrills. Put a 180-degree spin on things and you may just find your new favorite position: the oft-forgotten reverse cowgirl, when she’s on top but not facing you. Laurie, a 28-year-old nurse, says she knows her best body part is her ass, so she doesn’t mind turning around for her man to appreciate the great view. “Guys love to watch, because when you go all the way up and squat, they can see everything that’s happening,” she says.

Old Trick: Using a Vibrator

New Trick: Break Out Some New Toys

It’s common to shy away from bringing sex toys into the bed­room, but have no fear—a machine can never replace intimacy; it just adds to it. Yolanda, a 31-year-old event planner, says she uses a vibrator every time she has sex (her favorite is a sleek, simple one). “I was nervous my boyfriend would feel threatened by it,” she says, “but he understands it can actually spice things up for both of us.” Dana B. Meyers, founder of sex-toy Web site, also suggests using vibrating couples rings—what she calls the holy grail of toys for achieving orgasm. “The ring creates an extra constriction of blood flow, which will help him stay harder longer, and a ‘bullet’ that stimulates her at the same time,” she says.

Old Trick: Watch Porn on the Side

New Trick: Star in Your Own Live Version

Watching porn during sex is a typical venture for some couples, but the forgotten art of humping in front of a mirror can take it to the next level. Leila, a 23-year-old student, says she has sex with her fiancé in front of giant mirrors all over her house. “I know how much he loves seeing things from two different angles,” she says. “But it’s extra hot when I get to see everything too, and it turns me on more because it’s like watching your own porn.”

Don’t have a mirror in sight? Have the lights on instead, so you can really focus on what’s there to see. Molly, a 23-year-old writer, puts it this way: “To be able to feel how great it is while tasting him and hearing him and watching it happen? That’s just amazing.” And the best part? No leakable sex tape that you’ll regret five months from now.