You’ll Soon Be Able to Fly to Europe For Just $69


For $69 you can buy a pair of jeans, a concert ticket, 69 Diet Cokes from the Maxim office vending machine — or a nonstop plane ticket to Europe from the U.S. As they say in Europe: “Ooh la la!”

Norwegian Air’s CEO Bjørn Kjos told Reuters that he’s attempting to get his company to offer nonstop flights from the US to Europe for as little as $69 starting as early as 2017. We like those numbers. (Especially the number 69 because…*high five.*)

Admittedly, the fare would likely run closer to $300 on average and flights would depart from less-serviced airports — say, New York’s Westchester County Airport, Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport, or Rockford International Airport, outside of Chicago. Other factors that would keep costs down is Norwegian Air’s small staff and the use of the new Boeing 737 MAX, which is narrow-bodied, fuel-efficient, and comprised entirely of economy seats.

Flying’s so shitty these days that we’ll take extreme cost-cutting mechanisms for a lower plane ticket price any day. Off to Gay Paree! Au revoir! Moulin Rouge! Camembert! Marion Cotillard!

h/t New York Post

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