Older Dudes Aren’t All That Interested In Hot Young Women After All, New Study Says

Guess we can put that stereotype to rest.

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There’s a reason there’s the “dirty old man” stereotype — you know, the pervy old dude who chases after ladies who are young enough to be his daughter. Or granddaughter… like Hugh Hefner and his wife. And his other wife. And all of his girlfriends.

The fact that sugar daddies exist also fuels the stereotype, and kind of makes us feel like no matter how close a man may get to his grave, he’ll always be interested in banging hot young 20-somethings. 

But according to new research published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, older men aren’t only interested in much younger women who have yet to feel the wrath of time and gravity — they’re also into women their own age, too. Wow, that’s news to me!

In the study, researchers surveyed the dating preferences of over 2,600 adults aged 18 to 50, and found that despite the long-standing stereotype, in addition to evolutionary evidence, it’s very rare for older men to have a relationship with a younger woman, even if it’s just sexual.

But still, there are some men who gravitate towards ladies of a younger age, but the majority of the men in the study said they stick to women in their own age-range. Because he’s old, and she’s old, and it just works. 

And since it’s so rare and weird for a saggy old man to have any sort of sexual relationship with a younger woman, we only hear about those instances in the media, and nothing about normal, age-appropriate relationships, which tricks us into thinking old men hook up with hot, young babes pretty often. 

Psychology, my friends. It really fucks you up, doesn’t it?