This Is Exactly How You Get a Woman to Orgasm

At least, according to one start-up.

The elusive pursuit of the female orgasm is among man’s most frustrating challenges. Good for you, sir, you found her clit. But then what? 

Enter OMGYES, a website dedicated to exploring precise techniques to elicit pleasure for women. Drawing from research from the University of Indiana and the Kinsey Institute, the site uses data to categorize and then explain in-depth methods you can use to get your lady off. And while the founders discovered women are all unique in what they like, there were some recurring trends you need to know, like consistency and rhythm. 

OMGYES tapped over 2,000 women to elaborate on these techniques, which you can access in very NSFW videos and interactive, touch-response clips for tablets and smartphones—so you can get feedback while you’re out in the field, so to speak.″ tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

But all this intel comes at a price. If you get in there today, you can snag season one (eleven tutorial-esque episodes) for $29, but after January 1st, the price jumps to $59. Shouldn’t this kind of information be free to the hordes of men and women who need it so dearly? We asked co-founder Lydia Daniller: “It would be great if governments or foundations would research this kind of information and make it free somehow. But it’s so taboo that they haven’t. So the only way it can happen is private companies borrowing the money — and having to charge to make that money back, keep the lights on and do the next stage of research and production,” she explained.

And it very well may be worth your investment. “Our culture’s getting more and more open about sex. And while big institutions and companies aren’t ready for virtual vulvas based in science, real people are ready. People are curious, and they should be,” Daniller asserts.

So if you find yourself unsure of what to do with any leftover Christmas money, maybe spend your dough on an orgasm. It’s truly the only gift that keeps on giving.