Outfitted: Ari Millen

Two is always better than one, but what about four?

Ari Millen was made for television. The Toronto native got his start early on with some amateur experience in front of his friend’s vintage VHS camcorder. As his passion for acting grew, and he realized he wasn’t on the fast track to a professional sports team, Ari took to Ryerson University with stardom set on the horizon.

With a few bit roles under his belt, the up-and-comer went out for a dream role, and it’s unlike any role you’ve ever seen before. That role is on Orphan Black, a sci-fi series about clones that has been met with rave reviews and a season 4 pickup. “I can’t imagine anything being this exciting again,” he says. “I really respond well to the material and the story telling. Finding out I was playing this character is any actor’s dream.”

Why the role is so unique is a completely different story. Ari, who was cast as Mark after two unsuccessful role auditions, was given the opportunity of a lifetime: his character was being expanded.. as a clone, with three new additions joining the series, including Maxim Hot 100 honoree Tatiana Maslany.

“More or less, we talked about the technical process of filming a clone scene with special cameras, and tennis balls, and all that,” he said. “It really screws with your mind. I wanted to know how do you do this? How do you have charisma with yourself?”

Whatever Ari’s been doing, it’s certainly been working. If’s two’s a party, and three’s a crowd, then four is just a hell of a lot of clones.

If I wasn’t acting, I’d like to travel and eat for a living, anywhere and everywhere. I know people who go on vacation and always pick the same spot because they have a great time. I’ve had those experiences, and as much as I would love to go back, there’s only so much time and money you have in your life.

Gotta love ‘fuck’. It’s so diverse. You can use it for anything. It feels good to let off steam and say it. Nothing replaces that word.

I just bought this Himel Brothers leather jacket after I booked Orphan Black as a present for myself. I’ll probably have it to pass down to the grandkids, it’s that good quality. You get a little bit of money and you can afford quality, and this thing is going to outlive me. It’s always nice to treat yourself. You buy something and it’ll remind you of how you got to where you are.

This past summer, I was in the ‘land of wine’ and brought back bottles and bottles of it. With summer coming now though, I don’t think you can beat a good beer. There’s really a beer for every mood.

In high school, I was the jock type. When I got into college, that was kind of my Indie kid style phase and I transitioned in that. Since then, things have obviously changed. I’ve got a bit more money than back then so I dress a bit nicer, but nothing too crazy. Just look nice and feel comfortable.

2014-15 was a huge year for me. I got my dream job, i got my dream girl, i got my family started, and we bought our first condo together. it’s all coming together in one year and just the sense of having obtained all these life goals just makes me happy. I’ve reached several benchmarks all at once which is pretty great. Life’s good right now.

Jennifer Lawrence is always incredible to watch. I’ll go with her for the Maxim Hot 100 because she’s just nailing it every time. She’s got crazy chops.

Orphan Black just got renewed for a 4th season, so I’m looking forward to seeing where the plot is going. We left off with great cliffhangers. Other than that, I’m excited to keep rolling with it. I’ve been fortunate with the show to be offered several other opportunities to keep the acting game going so I’m really looking forward to finding more challenges and getting to do more of what I love.