Outfitted: Malcolm Goodwin

His girl might be undead, but his career is very much alive.

Malcolm Goodwin knew playing professional baseball was never in the cards so he – as the kids say – pivoted. After finding out that memorizing dialogue helped to hide his stutter, he pursued an acting. With a few roles in television and film under his belt, Goodwin has finally found a spot on the CW – and it’s his best dressed role to date.

“He’s very, very different,” he says of Clive, his character on iZombie. “He’s smooth, he’s sleek, and the first detective I’ve ever played, which is pretty cool too.”

That’s high praise for a guy who works alongside an undead pre-med student who uses her zombie abilities to help his character solve crimes. Malcolm told MAXIM about his aversion to beer, obsessing over sneakers, and the importance of looking good at all times.