Outfitted: Steve Howey

If Steve Howey tells you to make a memory, you do it.

Steve Howey has always had acting in his blood. With an acting coach for a father, he learned that he didn’t want to just go out and get any old job. Instead, he wanted to do what came naturally, and everything else just fell into place. “It doesn’t feel like it’s work,” he says about acting. “I’ve been really lucky going from job to job and doing what I want to do.” Howey has had his fair share of experience, with a diverse resume mixing various genres of television and film, but it’s his notable TV roles that have really allowed him to stand out. 

While you may recognize the Texas native from his six-year stint on the WB’s Reba, it’s his portrayal of Kev Ball on Showtime’s Shameless that’s truly set him apart from the rest. With the show going on its sixth season come next summer, audience members have been able to watch the character grow before their eyes and see the progression from season to season, which Steve admits is due to a great cast dynamic, as well as great writing. “It goes a long way when you have chemistry like we do,” he says. “We’re kind of like that indie band. We’re a little punk rock and we might not ever make it to the big times, but that’s okay. It suits us.”

In between his busy schedule, Steve told us all about the importance of an axe, a little zombie killin’, and the more important things in life.

The C-word  is such a proper curse. It’s beautiful. You can like drop a hammer, especially if you call a woman that. It also helps you get your point across. And then you can emphasize it too, cause of the consonants. The C, the U is the perfect vowel, and then the NT with over annunciation. It’s like a stab to the heart.

I use my knife every day, it’s a Benchmade Black Series. Mostly for utility, but I have it there for protection. I also carry a tactical pen, in case my car goes into a lake and I have to bust out my window. You know, normal, everyday shit.

The difference between the wardrobe of Kev and me and Kev’s is all baggy and mine is tighter. I’m also married and my wife (Sarah Shahi) thinks I should wear tighter shit and have abs and all that. Which is absurd.

Every guy needs an axe. What if there’s an earthquake and you need to dig your significant other out? Use it for chopping wood, safety, utility. When you get a package, and you’re looking around, but if you have that on you, you could open the package. Boom, then a tree falls. Are you going to cry for help? No, take your axe out and chop up the tree that fell on you. Pick up your severed arm, put it in your belt loop, and crawl your ass out of there.

With a free afternoon, I would want to dirtbike my way through zombies by shooting them with my glock to get to play poker. Hell, yeah. I wish for a zombie apocalypse all the time. Everyone wants to hack up a zombie.

I treasure my family and my house. All my children are born here. It’s my sanctuary and it’s my church. I’m not very religious, but I am the priest of this house.

My wife told me that drinking beer is my sport. I’m just a normal fucking guy. I don’t use face products or any of that, I don’t really give a fuck about those little things. I’m married with three kids and if I smell, I’ll take a shower. I’ve just learned that there are more important things in life to care about.