The People of Paris Are Giving ISIS the Finger in the Booziest Way Possible

"Everyone to the bar!"
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Since a series of coordinated terror attacks left 129 dead in Paris, the international community has shown its support for France in a variety of moving ways. Cities around the world adopted the tricolor pattern of the French flag, as did thousands of people on Facebook. Citizens gathered to hold silent vigils for the victims.

In Paris, the message is a bit simpler: Fuck ISIS, let's get drunk.

Paris restaurant owners are calling on residents to come together at bars across the city in "an act of defiance" on the evening of November 17th, the New York Timesreports. Patrons are encouraged to show their support online with the hashtags #TousAuBistrot ("Get to the bar") and #JeSuisEnTerrasse ("I am on the terrace"), the latter of which references the sidewalk cafes that the city is famous for.

“It’s about going to your local bistro, to go out again, go to a place where you can have a beer, some peanuts, a plate of sausages, anything,”  Alexandre Cammas, founder of French food magazine Le Fooding,told the Times. Le Fooding even created a unique logo with the help of artist Jean Jullien (the man behind that viral Eiffel Tower peace symbol) as a call to action for the city's boozy moment of solidarity.

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Parisians are already flocking to Twitter to share photos of themselves enjoying a glass of wine, proving that the people of France won't be cowed into submission by a group of bloodthirsty thugs.

Of course, you don't have to be a Parisian to show your support. So head to the bar, order your favorite cocktail, and raise a toast to the people of France. After all, living well is the best revenge.

h/t New York Times

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