Men’s Penises Are Only Getting Bigger, According to Science

Get out the tape measure.

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This is really a tale of competing penis size studies. A report in the Sun indicates that a 2016 study conducted in part by King’s College London found that the average erect penis measured just a bit over 5 inches in length. 

Enter condom maker SKYN in 2017 to elevate men’s numbers—younger men, anyway, between 18 and 34. 

A sex survey of 2017, carried out by SKYN, reveals that this size is significantly bigger for millennials.

The investigation has estimated that the average penis size for 18-34-year-olds is around 6.1 inches when fully aroused.

Anyone puzzling through these results could come to a number of conclusions. 

That’s a big banana (Photo: Getty Images)

First, the King’s College survey had a larger sampling size, 15,521 men, reports the Sun. SKYN’s survey result was reportedly taken from 3,037 sexually active adults and the results were gathered from forms filled out online. The number of men surveyed will obviously factor in average size numbers.  

One conclusion could be men are evolving as partners select for size and appearance. Another possibility, noted by the Sun, is that dudes are straight-up lying about dong size. The larger King’s College sample tends to support this conclusion. 

So what is really true here, and does it matter? 

Well, according to an Australian study done about a year ago, size does matter—but only as part of the overall, uh, package. Women also notice things like shoulder width and torso size as well. 

Maybe just don’t worry about it at all, since the best thing you can do is simply get very good at it. In the end, in bed, quality always triumphs over quantity.

h/t The Sun