5 Things You Might Be Wondering About Your Penis, Answered By Science

Just in case you were wondering.

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As the proud owner of a penis, you’ve probably googled a thing or two about it. For instance, how your manhood compares to other dicks, or how you can make it bigger. Right? Right. Don’t deny it. 

And since penis questions are so common, and sadly, they usually end up unanswered, sex researcher Dr. Justin Lehmiller set out on a noble mission to provide answers to your most pressing penis questions.

So, without further ado, here are five of the most common penis questions, answered by science.

Hopefully you find what you’re looking for.

1. What’s the average penis size?
While it’s impossible to say a standard size due to a lack of clinical research on penises, Lehmiller looked at some scientific literature that analyzed the size of over 15,000 penises (that’s a lot of dicks) from around the world, and found that the average penis length, when erect, is 5.2 inches, and the average width is 4.6 inches.

So, if you’ve always been worried that you’re smaller than average, hopefully this puts your mind at ease.

2. Are there racial differences in penis size?
As I said before, there isn’t much research on penis size and how it varies between races, however, the aforementioned literature on penis size didn’t find any racial differences. In other words, it would seem as though most penises are pretty similar. 

Other data, however, suggests that there might be some race-based differences on how much you’re packing. I think we all know those racial stereotypes, so I’m not even going to get into that.

3. Can you tell the size of a man’s penis from the size of his shoes?
We all know the saying “You know what they say about guys with big feet…” but is there any truth to it?

According to preexisting data, the answer, shortly put, is no. You cannot tell how big a man’s peen is based on how big his feet are. So, even dudes with itty bitty feet can have impressive dicks. 

However, there is some statistical correlation between the size of your manhood and your height, so, it looks like you can’t tell how well-endowed a dude is from his shoe size, but you can kinda guess from his height. 

Tall men, rejoice!

4. Do women think bigger is better?
I think this is a particularly touchy subject, but lucky for you, it looks like bigger is not always better. Hooray for all you average men out there!

Several studies have proven that most women are totally satisfied with the size of their partner’s dick, no matter if it’s more on the smaller, fun-sized side, or pretty goddamn huge.

Moreover, another study found that penis size makes basically no difference in sexual satisfaction in women, and, more notably, it was found that when asked what penis size is best, women tend to pick an average size schlong instead of a big one.

Like I said, bigger is not always better. But then again, there are some women who prefer big boys. Everyone has their own preference. 

5. How can I make my penis bigger?
We’ve all seen countless ads and commercials for supplements and weird contraptions that claim to make your dick bigger, but let me (and Justin Lehmiller) be the one to tell you that it’s all bullshit. They don’t work.

And while there are penile augmentation surgeries available, they come with huge risks, and it doesn’t even make that much of a difference, so it’s literally not worth it.

Lehmiller says: “If these products really worked so well, don’t you think researchers would be writing about them in scientific journals and big pharmaceutical companies would be cashing in on them big time? The reality is that penis size does not have much potential for change after puberty stops.”

That’s the harsh reality of the situation, so if you’re insecure about how much you’re packing, it’s high time you accept your manhood and work with what you got. 

H/T: Lehmiller