Humans Are Turned on By Robots, According to a New Study

Because robo-butts are sexy.

We already know that sex robots are a topic of discussion nowadays, because many people (save for some) have a growing fondness for getting intimate with android genitals.

But the weirdness of human-robot relations just reached a new level, because according to a recent study conducted by PhD students at Stanford University, it was revealed that humans are pretty turned on by robots. Yes, you read that right – humans are aroused by robots in general, not just by robots specifically designed for sex.

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In the study, a small humanoid robot was programmed to ask ten participants to touch it in 13 areas on its plastic robot body, like its eyes and hands. Through skin conductance measures on the fingertips of the participants, it was revealed that over 90% of participants were first hesitant when the robot asked them to touch it in certain areas, like its butt or crotch, but then got their jollies when they went ahead and grabbed a handful of robo-ass. So yeah, humans are turned on by groping robot butts. Are you uncomfortable yet? I am.

“People respond to robots in a primitive, social way,” one of the researchers, Jami Li, told the Guardian. “Social conventions regarding touching someone else’s private parts apply to a robot’s body parts as well.” Meaning humans don’t give a damn if the thing they’re touching even has a heartbeat, or actual junk to get intimate with.

“Social robots can elicit tactile responses in human physiology, a result that signals the power of robots, and should caution mechanical and interaction designers about positive and negative effects of human-robot interactions,” the researchers added, warning us to think twice about A.I.

Long story short, humans are fickle beings that get aroused by anything that looks like a crotch, and we should be mildly frightened of robots. The end.

h/t Vice