The Best Reason to Go to the Gym Has Nothing to Do With Fitness, Everything to Do With Sex

Stop what you’re doing and go work out.

The trope of having sex at the gym has become so ubiquitous, it’s borderline passé. If you google “gym porn,” you’ll receive over 27,900,000 results in less than half a second. Go ahead, try it.

Back so soon? If you’re looking to experience the real life muscle-pumping action of of getting in on at a gym, rather than just a cyber peek, you’re not alone. According to the Independent, a recent poll of 2,000 people from Ann Summers, a lingerie and sex shop, indicated that over 70% of women fantasize about having sex with their trainer.

Better yet, about 20% of participants actually succeeded in getting busy with a trainer at the gym. And even those who didn’t manage to win the eye of their ripped fitness instructors still got some action: a whopping 25% say they had sex at a gym in the past year. 

But this should come as no surprise to you, fit, virile specimen that you are. A study from March 0f 2015 delved into the benefits of prolonged exercise for men, including better erectile function. Clearly, there is absolutely no end to the glory of getting off your ass and doing some damage control on the sedentary lifestyle most Americans live. Have at it, folks.