This Penis-Shaped Mushroom Makes Women Spontaneously Orgasm

Men everywhere are about to take up farming.

Gentleman, behold the orgasm mushroom!

Aptly named the phallus indusiatus, this phallic fungus looks exactly like a penis and apparently gives women orgasms with its reportedly foul odor. Well, at the very least now you know what scented candle to burn next time you Netflix and chill.

The orgasmic properties of this magic mushroom were discovered back in 2001 by two medical scientists named Noah Soule and John Halliday, who were conducting experiments in Hawaii. The scientists had both men and women take a good whiff of the stinky penis mushroom and rate their arousal levels. While the men and their flaccid dicks felt nothing but disappointment and revulsion, the mushroom sent happy tingles straight to the ladies’ naughty bits. They were all highly aroused, and more than half had spontaneous, earth shattering orgasms.

It was duly noted that the offensive fumes of dick-shaped vegetation were enough to really take women there. Turns out one man’s gag inducing fungus can be another woman’s best friend. All we have to go on is what the survey respondents reported, but for the sake of women everywhere, we’re crossing our fingers that it’s true.