Plane Crash Survivor’s Selfie Puts Kim Kardashian’s to Shame

This photo puts a new meaning on “selfies in serious places.”

When Oxford Dictionaries announced “selfie” to be the Word of the Year last November, we took a look back at some of 2013’s most memorable ones, from almost-topless Miley Cyrus to actually topless Geraldo Riviera. Little did we know that the year’s most epic selfie was yet to come. On December 11th a Cessna carrying nine people went down in the waters off Hawaii. Eight passengers survived, one of which, Ferdinand Puentes, spoke to Hawaiian news channel KHON yesterday about the terrifying ordeal. He also revealed a selfie he snapped from the water on his GoPro camera – with the plane’s tail not far behind him. 

So all of you idiots snapping selfies at funerals and in front of memorials take note: Puentes’ photo pretty much marks the only admissible “selfie in a serious place” ever, so please put your smartphones down.