Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Drunk Passenger Gets Naked, Demands Sex With Crew

Worst. Passenger. Ever.

Flying sucks. We pay excessive amounts of money to sit sandwiched in a narrow aluminum tube flying thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth, stuck with nothing but peanuts and tiny bottles of vodka for sustenance. We’re also at the mercy of our fellow passengers — strangers who might turn out to be total dicks.

Case in point: One guy managed to make things worse for everyone on his flight when he got naked and tried to have sex with a flight attendant, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

The Daily Mail reports that the Sun Express flight was headed to Izmir, Turkey from Dublin on Saturday. The flasher, an Irishman, boarded the plane with a large group of friends.

Then, as the plane was taking off, “it is alleged the man began stripping off, before taking off his underwear and starting to wave his penis around. He then demanded sex with the horrified crew.”

Yep. Horrified sounds like a good word for it. 

At that point, the plane made an emergency landing in Belgrade, and the dude’s friends carried the party on without him.

“The Irish group, who were wearing beachwear (Editor’s note: ???), became aggressive and more debauched,” The Daily Mail reports. “Witnesses claim they drank 250 pints of beer between them, and forcing the plane to be delayed by 10 hours…they were so drunk they didn’t even know where they were.” That, for one, might explain the beachwear.

The flight eventually made it to Turkey, while Sun Express confirmed that “the emergency landing was due to an ‘unruly passenger’.”

Here’s a word of advice: Don’t be like those assholes.