Will This Be the World’s First Completely Submerged Underwater Hotel?

It’s definitely not a shore thing.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel won’t be the first sea-based luxury property to ambitiously design under-the-surf accommodations. Several others have tried. And after running out of funding, many have failed. But they hope to be the first fully self-contained underwater hotel to succeed.

If all goes swimmingly, these “affordable” (under $3 million) ocean destinations will feature suites with elevators, generate their own electricity and water, and safely process their waste. Prospective sites include Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, Belize and Dubai. With the right backing, they claim to be able to take the plans from fabrication to delivery in less than nine months. That’s assuming the project doesn’t (ahem) tank.


We, for one, love the idea of taking a jetpack out for an underwater spree and returning to our underwater lair like some kind of Bond villain. But in the meantime, we’ll just have to do our best to enjoy the view from our private yacht island.

Photos by Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel