A Conversation With Vegas Titan Steve Wynn

Meet the man responsible for modern-day Vegas.

To many, Las Vegas is a fictional land of debauchery where you go to escape your day-to-day reality. But for Steve Wynn,  who has done as much as anyone to turn Vegas into what is today, the town is so much more than hot stakes and hotter ladies. After stepping in for his father following his untimely passing, Wynn went all in and found himself molding Las Vegas into the ultimate luxury megalopolis, featuring  the top casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs we all know and love. Play your cards right, and you could end up just like Steve Wynn too. 

What’s your read on the Las Vegas economy as we begin 2016?
Let me ask you the same question I ask my board of directors when we’re meeting: Do you think there’s any doubt that for the next 10 or 20 years Las Vegas will be a major destination, with its 160,000 hotel rooms and its infrastructure?

You’re 73, and have accomplished so much. What else is on your bucket list?
I always wanted to meet Nelson Mandela, and I have friends who knew him, but I didn’t get to meet Mandela. I always thought he was a spectacular character. What excites me the most is working on new projects. I spent all day yesterday, and I’m going to spend time today, working on some of these. Life is good. I’m having the time of my life with [my wife] Andrea; we just giggle throughout the day.

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