‘Bangfit’ Is The Wild New Workout That Uses Sex To Stay In Shape

Brought to you by your friends at Pornhub.


Thanks to fitness-minded folks at Pornhub, you can kiss your couch potato lifestyle goodbye. They’ve just created a platform to help motivate even the most sedentary sloths into action. It’s called BangFit and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

By gamifying your sexual conquests, you’ll be scoring on two levels. It starts by clicking play on their site. You enter the number of players who’ll be simultaneously physically tracking their action. Each player gets a code to enter on the bangfit.mobi site on their phone. Devices are strapped to the respective persons (they offer a special band) and it’s off to the races!

As a completely NSFW video plays on your computer screen, overlaid graphics show your points increasing with every (ahem) movement. At the same time, your phone shows the cartoon characters in the same position as the real-life ones in the video. Ever motivational, the screen occasionally flashes inspirational messages like: “Keep it up!”

At the end, you see your final score, which includes calories burned and how many reps you successfully completed, in case you were able to successfully synch and keep up with the on-screen actors.

Thanks Pornhub, for giving us a fun way to get fit and mix things up a little in the boudoir…