Now There’s Enhanced-Audio Porn For The Visually Impaired, So Everyone Can Get Off

The latest erotic innovation from PornHub.


Everyone’s favorite website, Pornhub, is reaching out to a new audience of people who want to get off.

On June 15, the X-rated entertainment platform launched a new category of porn geared towards the visually impaired: Described Video. The collection features 50 of the site’s top videos, all with audio overlays in which female narrators describe everything in full detail. 

And when we say everything, we mean everything – hair color, age, outfit, setting, face up/ face down, which hole it’s going in, etc., because just hearing the sound of slapping balls and orgasmic Uuuhhh‘s can only do so much out of context. 

One example: “The video begins with a small Latina with dirty blonde hair, lying face down on a massage table, with nothing but a small towel covering her ass.”

Paints a pretty good mental image, doesn’t it? And that’s the tame part. You can listen to the naughtier bits by clicking on this NSFW link. Narrated “creampie,” anyone? Right this way. You can even listen to the old-fashioned tale of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape.

The narrations, which are done by professional voice actors as well as Pornhubs’s social media personality, Pornhub Aria, are spliced with the original audio, so listeners can hear about every boob grab and butt-diddle while also getting something out of the moans and grunts. It’s like the best erotic audio book ever made, on steroids.

“We put a considerable amount of effort into having the scripts for the added audio tracks be descriptive and enticing, to add enough while leaving enough space for the video’s original audio and having everything match up just right,” Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price, told the Daily Dot.

“The voiceovers provide visually impaired listeners with enhanced descriptions of things like what the models look like, what they are wearing, how they are moving and when they switch positions in each scene that they normally wouldn’t necessarily gather from listening to the original audio alone,” he explained to the Huffington Post.

This campaign is part of the site’s philanthropic division, Pornhub Cares, which has also sponsored other campaigns, like The Christy Mack Collection to support the fight against domestic violence, Save the Boobs for breast cancer awareness, and the $25,000 Pornhub Cares Scholarship.

We have yet to see if the Described Videos will be a hit, but Price has a hunch it might be. “Will they like it more than the videos they are accustomed to? You never know. Some just might.”