Weird Search Terms Haunt Pornhub’s Database Every Halloween

What they found might surprise you.

Pornhub is the biggest porn site in the world, the go-to online destination for all kinds of video skin. It’s only natural that the site would have a collection of fascinating holiday-related information about porn-watcher’s curiosities to share. And share they did, along with It seems that people don’t just trick out their homes and lawns with darkly festive regalia, they carry the Halloween spirit into private time with the white-hot and throbbing computer screen as well. 

Pornhub analyzed what search terms really start to pop at Halloween and created graphics to illustrate the huge percentages by which public curiosity regarding things like Halloween orgies goes up in October.

Image: Pornhub

In their blog post discussing the search terms, Pornhub also illustrates the dramatic spikes in various terms, demonstrating clear evidence that Halloween night seems to be primetime for porn viewers turning their minds and imaginations toward the freaky and spooky. came to an interesting conclusion regarding what Pornhub’s Halloween searches may indicate about the “sexy” costumes that cause so much temporary outrage when jack-o-lanterns begin leering from windows everywhere:

While it’s unclear whether these results hold water outside the holiday season, the fact that people are jerking off their Halloweiners to such ghastly themed porn suggests that the appeal of the “sexy” Halloween costumes might be vastly overrated. NB, ladies: There’s no need to try and sex up Donald Trump, green poop or Pizza Rat.

We find this information fascinating, but it’s also a little alarming. While many of the search terms aren’t all that surprising, big jumps in curiosity about “zombie” or “demon” sex are a little strange—at least to the non-zombies and non-demons among us, that is.

Photos by Peter Zelei / Getty Images