Is the Era of Butt Stuff Finally Coming to a Close?

According to Pornhub, maybe.

By all accounts, we’re in the Golden Age of Booty. Everywhere you turn, ample-bottomed women like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are setting the standard for sex appeal across the world.  So it came as a shock to us all when Pornhub unveiled their most recent batch of analytics, dubbed Pornhub Insights.

According to their data, which aggregates and analyzes user search terms and behaviors across the site, our relationship with anal is a complicated one. Over the past six years, Pornhub reports a steady increase in butt-related searches. Worldwide, it’s up 78% since 2009. But one particular statistic stands out.

As exhibited in the chart above, the searches for butt stuff are declining with younger millennials, ages 18-24, by 33%. Could this be ushering in a new wave of porn consumers who are so thoroughly jaded with all things anal that they’ll casually eat some ass at music festival, or finger their woman’s butt at baseball game? Dire times indeed.

But what could be the most troubling is that our peers are potentially turning their back on a sex act that women find widely enjoyable. According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 90% of women climax from receiving anal sex, when combined with other sex acts like oral, vaginal, and digital stimulation. Granted the sample size for that question was a modest 31 respondents, but the fact remains: a lot of women seem to like it.

So what’s next for our “been there, fucked that” generation? Who can say. But if you keep your mind, your heart, and other things open, you’ll find your way to something very satisfying.

And if not, may I recommend one of these?

Photos by James Rodkey / Getty Images