Take A Look At Pornhub’s 2016 Presidential Election Survey

You opened your laptop to watch some porn, but wound up taking a political survey.


Everyone’s favorite website, Pornhub, teamed up with Mic.com to bring you a survey on how 371,000 Pornhub users feel about everything political leading up to the election in November.

Starting with the question of the decade, “Which 2016 Presidential Candidate are you most likely to support?” responses from February 22nd to the 29th were tallied, and it seems that republican voters really want Donald Trump to become president, for whatever reason. Maybe that’s because they’ve been watching his porn parody. 60.5% reported supporting Trump, while 19.6% said they’re all about Marco Rubio, leaving 19.6% support for Ted Cruz.

With democrat voters, Bernie Sanders took the lead with 73.4% of Pornhub viewer’s votes, giving Hilary Clinton only 26.6% of the action. Putting the two parties together, Sanders beat Trump 31.1% to 19.6%, leaving Clinton with 11.2% of votes, Rubio with 6.4%, and Cruz with 6.3%. However, the highest survey response after Sanders was the response, “none of them,” coming from viewers who clearly don’t support any of the presidential nominees this time around.

Look here for the detailed version of the graphics.

The survey also revealed that over time, more and more Pornhub viewers began to feel the Bern, because as support for Clinton and Trump began to wane, that of Bernie Sanders increased directly.

On the topic of marijuana legalization, 55% of responders said they were all for it, 15% said it was a good idea only for medical reasons, and only 6.4% of people were like “No way, weed is bad.” It’s not too surprising that Pornhub viewers hold pot in high regard, because according to Pornhub’s Up in Smoke Insights post, weed porn is a pretty common search term on the website, because marijuana and sex is an awesome combo — possibly even a better one than PB&J.

Another important topic these days is gun control, and apparently, over 31% of Pornhub users really love guns and are strongly against gun control. Of the remaining viewers, 27% believe that a psych analysis should be a necessary part of the checking process, 17% say that checks could be improved in firearm friendly states, and only a measly 12.8% of respondents would rather not get shot, and think that banning firearms is the best course of action. Maybe I agree.

And for all you dudes who are terrified of becoming a baby daddy, 40% of Pornhub users think that Planned Parenthood is super useful, 25% think that abortions should mainly be for rape victims, 9% want Planned Parenthood to bite the dust, and the remaining 27.6% of people don’t really give a shit.

And there you have it, folks. The political stances of people who turned on their laptops to watch some porn, but ended up taking a political survey.