Now There’s an App That Makes You Last Longer in Bed

This news is anti-climactic… in a good way.

The Premature Ejaculation App trains you to last longer (Photo: PeopleImages/Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty)

Calculus problems, baseball, Chewbacca speaking English… at some point you’ve probably tried conjuring various visuals to distract yourself while fooling around. The goal is obvious: you want to go that extra mile—or at least break past the quarter-mile marker.

But now thanks to an app called Pea (that stands for Premature Ejaculation App), you don’t have to make with the macabre imagery. Using actual sexual therapeutic techniques, it trains you to recognize rather than try to block out feelings of pleasure.

You get to know the feelings so you can control them (Photo: Smarter Health Inc)
You get to know the feelings so you can control them (Photo: Smarter Health Inc)

You learn to control your arousal by doing a series of exercises—some of which involve masturbation, which is healthy. That way, when it comes to “the real thing” (with between one and 72 partners), you don’t get past the Point of No Return before you’re ready.

It’s currently only available on iOS. (For non-iPhone users, they’re working on a Web app, which they didn’t want to release too early.)

In the meantime, if you know/are someone who could benefit from this sort of training—and hey, who couldn’t use a little extra help?—you can drop a cell number or email address on their Suggest the App page.

We know, your mind is already spinning about which buddies’ info you can drop in there as a prank. It crossed our minds too. But just remember, it’s a link you might receive for real. So be kind.