Profiles in Hustle: The Women of Broad City

The funniest duo on television started with a web series, and now they’re here. 

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson may be the second and third hardest working stoners in New York – their dealer probably wins top honors. The two are the creators of Broad City, which sometimes comes with the descriptor “Comedy Central’s” in front of it, but is fundamentally a Glazer-Jacobson joint. The two young comics are dominating the New York scene by ignoring prudish standards of decency and focusing on capturing a specific time in their own lives, which previously involved a lot of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre classes and gigs around the city. (And hey, being a 20-something wandering around the postgraduate wasteland of New York City is a hustle in and of itself.) 

What’s most impressive about the show – and its stars – is the consistency. Back when Broad City was a web series featuring two nobodies, it was funny and raucous and appeared to be produced by two women plum out of fucks. Now that Glazer and Jacobson are famous, they make basically the same show. They didn’t overcorrect, which is a hell of achievement. If you’re looking for contrast, watch every other show on television.

A lot of critics have asked “what’s next?” for the pair, but we’re hoping this is just about it. Being true to your vision may not be a typical path to success, but it does cut down on the mileage.

Photos by Comedy Central