Prohibition Hits the Czech Republic

And you thought Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas was bad!

And you thought Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas was bad!

iStockphoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

This April, the small European country known for its beer and iconic Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova, took the top spot in the Global Vice Index. It also has the second-highest rate of hard alcohol consumption. Last Friday, we learned that it’s all fun and games until someone, or, more specifically, at least twenty people, die from methanol-laced bootleg alcohol. In the first blanket ban on spirits in the country, the government halted the sale of all liquor containing 20 percent or higher alcohol content – indefinitely. The whole country is now like one of those annoying places that serve nothing but beer and wine, leaving you with the option of either feeling uncomfortably full or as sloshed as a Real Housewife. Anyway, let’s hope the police catch whoever’s responsible for the poisonings quickly, ’cause it’s going to be awful hard for those poor Czechs to stay warm this winter without a good ol’ swig of absinthe (or vodka. Or gin. Or rum. Or whiskey…)

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