The Pros and Cons of Casual Sex

The path to a righteous one-nighter isn’t necessarily laid with good intentions.

In today’s hookup culture, the modern man needs to know how to properly navigate his way through the messy, tangled maze of casual sex. Maybe you have an unspoken agreement with a friend or (gasp) a coworker. Maybe you’re really great at meeting random women at bars and taking them home for just one night. However you’re causally doing it, it has it’s pros and cons. Caveat emptor.


  1. Freedom, baby – Casual coitus means zero commitment. There is no wining, there is no dining—hell, certain situations flirting is overkill. You get in, get off and get out.
  2. It saves time – The I like you, you like me, we like sex mentality conserves precious minutes in your busy day. You’re drunk, you’re horny, it’s 3 AM, and the last thing you want to have to do is impress someone. (See also: f*ck-buddy.) 
  3. Lower Expectations – ​​When you know you’re never going to date this person, or see them again, the pressure to perform relaxes. Lower expectations allow you to really let go, be yourself (or someone else) and enjoy. So go ahead, get weird.​
  4. Orgasms are good for you – ​​As we recently learned, orgasms not only strengthen your immune system, but climaxing also releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen and testosterone, which can improve the tone and texture of your skin and hair. Ipso facto, your orgasms make you hot—don’t wait for ‘the one‘ when you could be having multiple and getting better looking by the minute.
  5. Stress Relief – ​​According to one study, casual sex actually has a positive effect on the psychological well being of those who have liberal views on sex. So, if you’re already a regular Rita Ora in the sack, carefree sex will actually alleviate anxiety and boost your self-esteem.
  6. You’re getting it in – ​​​Because sex.


  1. STDs, etc. – ​Sorry to take it there, but these are the stakes. Nothing takes the sexy out of sex like something that requires medical attention. Want to know what else kills your casual vibe? A baby. Wrap it up, play it safe.​
  2. Walk of Shame – ​While walking home to a house of dudes celebrating your overnight escapades makes you feel like The Man, in reality, the Walk of Shame can be disorienting and uncomfortable, and is often accompanied by a serious hangover. If you find yourself in a morning-after situation, it also means you slept over, a ‘No-No’ in the casual sex department. Sleepovers will only lead to emotional attachment, which leads us to point 3…
  3. Emotions – ​If you’re casually sexing the same person on the reg, you run the risk of someone eventually feeling feelings. One minute you’re enjoying a mutually satisfying, purely sexual encounter, the next you’re being dragged through the Jungian mud. Suddenly, sex gets sticky in all the wrong ways. Avoid inevitable disaster by watching for certain warning signs: 1. She divulges personal information outside of dirty talk 2. She wants to take secret selfies with you 3. She texts to ask how your day is going.
  4. Fatal Attraction – No one wants a Stage 5 Clinger. This type of crazy is probably great in the sack, but not worth the wear-and-tear in the long run. Before you know it, you’re iMessage is blowing up, Find My Friends has been installed on your phone and she’s showing up at your place of work. Run, do not walk, away from the Stage 5 Clinger.

Tread lightly, gents.

Photos by Getty Images