Watch This Rat Put a Pigeon in a Headlock

New York rats are truly a different breed.

You remember pizza rat right? Or maybe the pizza rats? What about sexy pizza rat? Well, today brings the world pizza rat in super sayian mode. Meet the rat that totally mauled a New York pigeon.

Before you start feeling sympathy for the bird, keep in mind that New York pigeons are a rare breed that show no fear of humans whatsoever. They are perpetually unbothered by you attempting to shoo them out of your way and even have a tendency to get aggressive. Clearly, this pigeon picked the wrong vermin to mess with.

Today’s episode of Wait, wut?! brings you a rat and pigeon duking it out on a New York City sidewalk. In addition to putting the pigeon down in what we can only describe as a submission hold to end all submission holds, the rat quite literally chases his foe down after the bird wrestles himself free and attempts to escape.

Of course, like all the pizza rats before him, the feral creature drug his trophy off when it was all said and done.