Really Stimulating Art

These artistic vibrators are pleasing to your eyes and genitals.

These artistic vibrators are pleasing to your eyes and genitals.

Sex toy hawker Good Vibrations is celebrating 36 years of plugging orifices with “Bling My Vibe,” a contest inviting people to turn vibrators into works of art. So being the crafty, perverted people that we are, we decided to roll up our sleeves, fire up the bedazzler, and make some dildo magic. Art world, consider yourself penetrated!

Title of Work: “The Cowabunghole”

Artist: Nick Leftley, Executive Editor,

Description: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello prepares to smite you with his mighty staff! According to the old theme tune, Donatello does machines – but this is a machine that does you.

Title of Work: “Darth Vibrator”

Artist: Laura Leu, Senior Editor, Maxim Magazine

Description: I’d like to say this piece of art symbolizes the “dark side” of the sex industry, or that it sheds light on the sexual neediness of women with daddy issues due to absent fathers. But really, I just wanted to découpage a dildo with Darth Vader images and make a bunch of stupid puns. (“Lube, I am in you farther.”)

Title of Work: “Johnny Deep: A Pirate’s Life For Me”

Artist: Alexa Lyons, Editorial Assistant,

Description: It’s Johnny Depp in his best form: a dreadlocked pirate. Oh, and he’s stuck on a deserted island (because doesn’t everyone want to be stuck on a deserted island with Johnny fucking Depp?!).

Title of Work: Peelin’ Good

Artist: Justine Goodman, Senior Editorial Producer,

Description: The perfect way to handle your monkey business.

Title of Work: “You, Animal”

Artist: Bailey Swilley, Production Editor,

Description: It means that things can get wild in the bedroom, whether you’re in a pair or flying solo.”

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