8 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is the Best Sex

Rise and grind. Literally.

Men love sex. Women love sex. Heck, even grandparents love sex. You can get it on almost any time of day, but we’re pretty sure the morning is the absolute best. Why? Because it’s the true breakfast of champions. And if you still need more proof, we’ve got it right here.

1. Unless you’re a starfish, sex is exercise

And studies show that starting your day with a workout is a solid way to kick your metabolism into high gear. Plus, if you can’t make it to the gym, you’ve already burned some calories. Go you.

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2. Morning wood

Not to state the obvious here, but it’s an erection without any of the effort—for either of you. It’s like waking up fully prepared for an exam without ever cracking a book to study.

3. You’re well rested

After a long day at work, the only thing on your mind might be Netflix and sleep. No judgment there. But after waking up refreshed in the morning, however, you’ve got all the energy you need to go at it like you mean it. You’re also far less likely to hear, “But can’t we just cuddle and go to bed?”.

4. It puts you in a good mood all day

Sex releases dopamine and serotonin, two neuroreceptors responsible for increasing levels of happiness and zen-like contentment. Starting your day with a dose of good vibes gives you positive feelings to tackle whatever fresh hell the next 12 hours might bring.

5. You and your partner will fight less

Hate those passive aggressive texting tiffs you and your significant other get into throughout the day? Nip it in the bud with a morning quickie. Orgasms increase oxytocin levels, and the more you get off with your special someone, you’ll associate them with feeling good, and argue less.

6. If gives you a reason to shower together

It stands to reason that a couple who gets dirty together should also clean up their act together. Where, time permitting, you can go for a double feature of morning pleasure.

7. Bragging rights

Is your boss being particularly shitty? Co-workers making you miserable? Going to work armed with the knowledge that you had an amazing roll in the hay, and they probably did not, is all the revenge you need.

8. You can last longer in the morning

Yes, you heard that correctly. Men’s testosterone peaks in the morning, and that added energy boost can give him extra longevity in the sack. Morning breath is a small price to pay.

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