Indiana Bank Robber Bears Striking Resemblance to a Certain Funk Legend

Then again, does anyone know where Dave Chappelle was?

A couple of Indiana bank robbers really went the extra mile with their disguises in a recent heist of an Indianapolis Credit Union. An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) notice about the crime described the suspects as armed “black males” in dark clothing but they left out the good part: these guys were set to party all the time like super freaks.  

USA Today reported that suspect 1, whom the IMPD described as clad in “black hat, long dark hair, sunglasses, all black clothing, 5’8″ -5’10′” was in fact “dressed like Youngblood Priest from the classic 70s movie Super Fly.” According to the IMPD, suspect 2 had “long hair (dreads),” wore “all black clothing” and was 5’8″-5’10.” To be more precise, though, he was totally done up like the late prince of punk funk, Rick James. 

The cold-blooded duo fled the bank on foot, police said, with “an undisclosed amount of money.” 

“Rick James” and “Youngblood Priest” are really just the latest in a long and fascinating history of bank robbers going over the top with disguises. In 2014 the “Where’s Waldo” robber was sentenced to 5 years in prison for a 2010 bank job. Conrad Zdzierak, a white man, pleaded guilty in 2010 to committing an aggravated robbery. He’d sported a head and shoulders-covering silicone mask that made him look so convincingly like an African-American male that a black woman reported her son as a possible suspect.  Our sentimental favorite, aside from the funky Indiana pair, was the “Abe Lincoln bandit” who robbed a Houston Wells Fargo in 2012. He only managed to get away with $100. 

That said, bank robbery is a crime, no matter what crazy get-up you throw together. We abhor it utterly.

Meanwhile, any mention of Rick James has to include his amazing portrayal by Dave Chappelle. Remember this?

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Story: Rick James from Hip Quotient on Vimeo.

Photos by George Rose/Hulton Archive