This Footage of a Russian Soldier Testing a Bomb-Proof Suit Is Insane

She’s definitely having a blast.

This woman has balls of steel.

Last week, Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozon posted a video of female soldier testing a next-generation protective suit on a nondescript minefield somewhere in Russia. 

The video shows the soldier effortlessly swaggering through several explosions while shrouded in a fire-proof bodysuit and hood, strutting along like it’s a goddamn Sunday stroll in the countryside.

Rogozon compared her to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic Terminator, calling the cybernetic killing machine “a sad excuse” compared to the brave cadet. 

The suit is the latest project of Russia’s Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH), an arm of the Russian defense industry focused on developing small arms and non-lethal military equipment. 

Despite the fact that a direct hit would probably blow your limbs off regardless of how sophisticated your flame-retardant underwear may be, the Russian military seems pretty damn pleased with the no-fucks-given swagger of their guinea pig. The officers supervising the trial even gave her some red roses when she successfully completed the dangerous test:

“If we have this kind of girl,” wrote Rogozon on Facebook, “imagine the guys we have.”

h/t The Mirror