WATCH: A Russian Train Surfer’s Wild Ride Atop the Moscow Metro

Seriously, do not try this at home, or anywhere else.

Russian teen Pasha Bumchik doesn’t seem to be too well-supervised. We don’t know what’s up with this kid—he may be following his tiger-tagging president’s example—but Pasha Bumchik brought some craziness into the Moscow subway. According to his YouTube bio, Bumchik is a “crazy videoblogger” who “likes skateboarding” and has no job, which makes strapping on a GoPro and making videos of his crazy stunts, a pastime for the teen.. His ride on the Moscow Metro is a particularly dizzying example.

Bumchik’s dangerous romp starts with a bang, sliding down the long escalator rail and gleefully leaping past a bewildered ticket taker.

He takes a short ride on the Metro and finds another moment of excitement with a set of stairs in another station, clearly just amping himself up for the big ride.

After climbing walls, scaling a fence topped with wicked-looking razor wire and dodging a guard, Bumchik makes it to the roof of the train shed before taking a leap.

Riding on the train roof is clearly an adrenaline rush of the first order.

Due to the woozy perspective the subway surfer’s ride ends up feeling longer than it is, and never quite lets a viewer unclench.

Bumchik ends his stunt miraculously intact, surprising Metro riders by dropping between cars and waiting for the train to stop.

Subway surfing isn’t just for blonde Russian kids wilding out around Moscow, of course — the Postreported subway surfer sightings in New York City and surrounding boroughs in March 2015. That report pointed out one of the most important facts about subway surfing, noting that since the amateur stunt became a thing in the 80s, “more than a dozen people have lost their lives” doing it. Also, the act may see the surfer fined or put behind bars. 

Devoted to thrills as the Russian president may be, we have a feeling Pasha Bumchik’s leader, Mr. Putin, would not approve. We say thanks for the video but leave the action movie stunts to actual stuntmen.

Watch the stunt in full below.

Photos by Screen grab