Russia Is Waging War On the Most American Freedom of All: Porn

This is how the second Cold War begins.

Russia is ruled by Vladimir Putin, the manliest of tiger-taming men. Considering how Putin loves the red-blooded and earthy, it’s puzzling to note that the Russian Federation keeps banning fleshy fun like good old-fashioned American porn. One of the latest sites to see a drop in clicks from Moscow to Vladivostok: Pornhub.

The Register reports that Pornhub—which is based in Canada, but close enough—is one of 11 sites now blocked from the Russian Federation’s networks. Roskamnadzor, Russia’s “Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media,” issued a press release explaining the ban is simply in keeping with Russian law. Making, distributing or displaying porn is a crime under Article 242 of the Russian Federation’s Criminal Code.

As Register and Gizmodo noted, Article 242 also loops in child pornography. Pornhub, an enormously popular site, is prohibited from hosting such creepiness under Canadian law. 

As the Register points out, this is just another in a list of puzzling things that apparently have earned former KGB man Putin’s stony stare of disapproval.

CNN took time to list some other no-nos in Russia. They include anonymous blogs, memes, and Senator John McCain.

We’re sure mini-submarines will always be cool with Mr. Putin, though. He has to get to his secret villain’s lair at the bottom of the Black Sea somehow.

Photos by Sasha Mordovets/Getty