WATCH: These Sizzling Russian Dancers Will Twerk Your Face Off

Just. Wow.

Fraules‘s Facebook page says she is a Russian dancer and choreographer who runs the Fraules Dance Centre. Brobible’s post calls this group “the Fraules dance team”—but on the Youtube page for this killer video, its description states that what you see above is “twerk choreo with begginers (sic) of Fraules dance centre! just 8 hours of classes and here is a result.”

If eight hours was all it took to put this kind of hotness together with beginning dancers (it looks like Fraules herself is the lead dancer at the beginning), imagine how tight this group might be after a month. 

Fraules Dance Centre is in Novosibirsk, a city in southwestern Siberia. If the Fraules dancers keep putting out this kind of heat, we expect news of a Great Siberian Snow Melt any day now.