Russians Are Smashing Things With Sledgehammers to De-Stress

This new form of R&R is all the rage in Russia. 

Americans, we’ve got this whole “anger management” thing wrong. Have we really become so weak that yoga and meditation are more viable stress-busters than some good ol' fashioned smashing shit with a sledgehammer? To see what we’re getting at, check out this video of a new de-stressing technique that's all the rage in Russia.

As part of an art project “Debosh,” some vexed Russians are being given the opportunity to unleash their pent-up steam all over rooms full of cheap Soviet-era furniture and electronics. Participants, likely disgruntled employees, jilted lovers, or just garden-variety rageaholics, are handed sledgehammers, baseball bats, and clubs and are then given carte blanche to pulverize whatever’s in sight.

To hell with “mindful meditation”…

Apparently, these so-called “rage rooms” (I’d argue “happy rooms”) have been a smashing success in Moscow. The whole thing runs from $160 to $450, depending on what kind of furniture you feel manliest destroying. And while we’d like to see this exported stateside ASAP, anyone who keeps tabs on the Russian economy or has read a Tolstoy novel knows that these poor people need this more than we do.

Check out video of the wreckage below:

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