What We Know About the Mass Shooting Unfolding in California

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At least 14 people were killed in a mass shooting at a social services facility in San Bernardino, Calif, on Wednesday. Reuters reports that at least 17 were wounded.

Gunshots were reported shortly after 11 am local time inside the Inland Regional Center, which “provides services to disabled people and others in need,” according to the Times. According to a San Bernardino Police Department spokesperson, the center “was hosting event when more than one gunman burst into room and began firing,” Reuters reports.

“I saw the shooter shooting people in San Bernardino,” one witness tweeted. “I’m scared for my life at the moment in hiding.”

Police say two suspects, one male and one female, were killed after a citywide manhunt for a black SUV seen fleeing the crime scene culminated in a shootout with police, the Associated Press reports. San Bernadino police chief Burguan said the suspects were armed with both handguns and assault rifles and wore “assault-style clothing.”

The Los Angeles Times, citing a federal law enforcement source, reported that investigators “believe one of the shooters left the party after getting into an argument and returned with one or two armed companions.”

Multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News that they have identified one of the shooters as Syed Farook. Another gunman is thought to be Farook’s brother, NBC News reports.

With the attack coming in the aftermath of a mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Co., many have speculated that this attack was an incident of domestic terrorism. But officials suspect it was likely a workplace dispute.

“We have no information at this point that this is terrorist-related, in the traditional sense that people may be thinking,” Burguan told Reuters. “Obviously, at minimum, we have a domestic-type terrorist-type situation that occurred here.”

As of Wednesday evening, a third suspect is possibly “outstanding.”

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