Maine Man In Hot Water Over Holiday Display of Santa Pissing on ISIS

Looks like somebody didn’t get the joke.

Nothing says holiday cheer than flipping the bird to terrorists.

That’s what one man in Limerick, Maine, thought when he used his home’s holiday display to “make a statement against terrorism,” the Portland Press-Heraldreports. The unidentified homeowner used traditional red Christmas lights to spell out “ISIS” before positioning a glowing Santa Claus to appear to be urinating on the word with white lights.

Here’s the photo, courtesy of the York County Sheriff’s Office. It’s pretty amusing.

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Unfortunately, some party pooper passerby didn’t seem to get the joke and called local media and the country sheriff to “express concerns that the homeowner might be an ‘ISIS sympathizer,'” according to the Press-Herald .

“Sheriff’s deputies visited the home and the word ‘ISIS’ is lit up bright and clear. What is not so clear is that Santa Claus is ‘relieving’ himself on the words,” said York County Sheriff William King in a statement on Saturday. “Deputies spoke with the homeowner explaining why the sheriff’s office took an interest in his holiday display and the homeowner stated he was going to rearrange the lights to clear up any doubts about his message.”

What a world we live in.

h/t Mashable

Photos by York County Sheriff’s Office