These Are Your Biggest Sex Fears, According to Science

A new study ranks the scariest sex fears—from STIs to “unwanted body functions” in bed.

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Let’s face it: Sex can be stressful. When you put aside the pleasure factor, often having your naked body pressed against another only directs you to to a bunch of important questions. Can I get her off like this? Did the condom just break? Is my unsightly back hair noticeable?

Because you’d prefer to be smooth sailing every time, and not just most of the time, it’s time you stopped comparing your sex life to that of a porn star and think logically. Whatever you’re probably thinking, they’re thinking too, and luckily, science knows exactly what those thoughts are. 

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Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 2,000 participants (1,212 male and 916 female) about their deepest sexual fears for all the world to hear. That raw as hell data led to a 10 top sex fears list featuring everything from STIs to body image and back around to the sound of a condom breaking.

Above is another insightful breakdown, showing what men and women worry about most while in bed, and what they hope their partner isn’t thinking while they sweat on top of them. 

For the dudes, they just want to make sure you’re as happy to be there as they are. And for the ladies, they’re just hoping they’re not stop won’t be at the pharmacy for an unplanned pregnancy test or STI meds. 

You can check out the rest of the study right here, and apply all this newfound knowledge to a less stressful sex life. 

h/t Online Doctor