A New Device Will Grow Weed For You Then Let You Know It’s Ready

The future is awesome, man.

It seems only natural that the advance of legal recreational weed across the country might produce some real innovation. Mainly because it’s not against the law in so many places to fund that innovation now. Here’s a good example: Seedo

As Seedo’s video above shows, the company is aiming to take the dirty fingernails part of growing your own out of the equation. According to the company’s website, it’s about as low maintenance as any kind of urban farming could be. If you live in a state where this stuff is legal, just pop a marijuana seedling inside Seedo’s “Auto grow hydroponics device.” 

Then pair that device with a smart phone app that will monitor the conditions inside the device and ultimately alert you when your little green friend is fully mature and ready for consumption.

Seedo’s not just for weed, though—smartly enough the company’s website notes you can also grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and, well, tissue cultures as well. 

The bad news here is for consumers in states where weed is already legal—Seedo isn’t officially on the market yet. Hopefully it’ll be available for purchase right around the time newly relaxed laws regarding marijuana become active in states like Massachusetts and Maine. 

Either way, homegrown horticulture of the most chill kind looks like it’s truly about to arrive.