Please Look At This Coloring Book For Sex Positions

It’s like the Kama Sutra, but with crayons.


Sometimes, the internet is a glorious wellspring that occasionally regurgitates untold treasures from the past. Today is one of those days. Now, when life is just too much to bear and you need some sweet, sweet stress relief from our daily hurdle around the sun, feast you eyes on this genius adult coloring book. The wholesome activity from your youth just got a lot naughtier.

Bluntly titled “Sex Position Coloring Book: Playtime for Couples,” this coloring book is nothing but 101 pages of explicit pictures of couples doing it, sex positions you’ve never heard of, and lots of boobs, butts, and dicks for you to color in.

Reverse Cowgirl?

Just look how relaxed that couple is while engaged in the tantric position, Mahalo Nui Loa. That’s how relaxed you’re going to be after coloring in that page.  

Not only is this book stress relieving and funny, but it’s also very informative. 101 pages of sex positions means 101 sex positions for you to try out in real life! If they’re good enough to be put into a coloring book, they must be pretty damn good sex positions. We hear those guys set the bar pretty high.

For just $12.60, you can buy your new favorite hobby on Amazon (it’s Prime eligible!), or for $17.98 on Etsy. Other X-rated coloring books worth getting are The Fetish Coloring Book, The BDSM Coloring Book, and Color My Boobs.