Having Lots of Sex Is Great For Your Mental Health, Says Totally Sane New Study

Here’s why getting busy is nature’s best medicine.

couple on bed
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We already know that sex has tons of health benefits, like preventing heart disease and cancer, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, helping you sleep better, etc. In other words, sex is the magical cure-all that you can’t find at the pharmacy.

But did you know that bumping uglies is also really good for your mental health? Yes, it really is!

His mental health is probably 10/10. No anxiety, no depression, just bliss.

According to a new study published in the scientific journal Emotion, having sex is downright fantastic for your mood and well-being…not that we hadn’t noticed this already. But it’s always nice when science confirms it.

In the study, researchers had 152 college students keep a sex diary for three weeks where they wrote down when they had sex, and then answered questions about their mental well-being, such as how positive or negative their mood was, and how much meaning they felt their life had.

When they analyzed the diaries, the researchers found that the participants reported much better mental well-being the day after they had sex, and more specifically, they reported more meaning in life, more positive mood states, and fewer negative emotions. 

In other words, people felt absolutely phenomenal after really giving it to someone. Aw, how nice. 


Moreover, it was also discovered that the better the sex was, the better their mood was the next day. Well, no shit. 

Unfortunately, though, the mood boost and general post-sex happiness faded after the first day, meaning that hooking up doesn’t do much for your mental well-being in the long run. But that’s okay. 

Even one day of good vibes is better than nothing.

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