“I Fantasized About Having Sex With My College Professor, and Then It Actually Happened”

Sometimes, you get a lesson you’ll never forget.


Ever have a story so hot it would be wrong not to share it with the rest of the world? We’re here to listen. Each week, we’ll bring you tempting tales from our readers that will definitely keep you up all night—in the best way possible. This time, Kristine* tells us about the time she taught her professor a thing or two of her own.

Ha, an actual schoolgirl crush. What attracted you to him?
My professor and I had a lot of similar interests. We both liked bike riding, so that was an easy way to break the ice. He was pretty friendly with all his students, and we became friends, too. There was a physical attraction there, so I started to fantasize about hooking up with him.

When did it become a reality?
We got pretty flirty by the end of the year. Then, he had a mixer at his place with a lot of students. It was a casual thing, with everyone just sitting around, talking, and having a lot of wine. He kept things professional at the party, but I just had a feeling that it was the right time.

So what happened next?
I knew I wanted to get him alone, but I couldn’t be obvious about it. So, I came up with a plan. I waited until the party was winding down and “accidentally” left my cell phone there, hidden. Once there were a few people left, I thanked him for the party and went to my car. I waited at the end of the block until the last car left his driveway, and then went to retrieve my phone.

Yeah! I had some liquid courage. I figured I would give it a shot. The worst he could say was no! Plus the semester was over, so it’s not like I would have to see him again.

Right! And he wasn’t your professor any more. So, now you show up at his door, alone. What was his reaction?
He answered the door with a knowing grin. We had another drink, and there was this unspoken attraction. We just knew it would happen. Then I decided I wanted him right then and there. I kissed him, told him I wanted to sleep with him, and that I had fantasized about him spanking me.

How did he react?!
He seemed surprised, but intrigued. I immediately pulled off my dress. He pushed me down over his desk, with my butt out. He spanked me right away, and had a really strong hand that made me yelp.

Um, you went straight to the spanking?
That’s right. No foreplay. After about three or four playful slaps, we started having sex right there on his desk. At one point, books and papers started to tumble off the desk onto the floor. We didn’t even stop!

What were you thinking while it was happening?
It was unbelievably naughty. I couldn’t believe my sexual fantasy had just come true. It was a pure adrenaline rush. It went so quickly, neither one of us held back or hesitated. We were just all in.

Was it awkward afterwards?
No way! We hung out all night talking and drinking. There was nothing awkward about it. We were really mature about the whole thing. Occasionally, we still run into each other, but we don’t bring it up. We’ll just always remember how amazing that night was.

*Names have been changed

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