Monday Is the Least Sexy Day of the Week, Says Obvious New Study

Well, duh.
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(Photo: Getty)

According to most people in the world, Mondays aren’t too fun. In fact, I think it’s safe to say Mondays kinda suck. It’s the first day back at work after the weekend, and it’s simply dreadful to get back to reality after spending the previous two days bumming around and not working.

That said, I think it’s also safe to assume that Monday isn’t a day when people feel hot and horny and want to get it on, right? I mean, Monday is the one day of the week when most of us get home from a brutal day at work, eat a leftover meatball sub over the sink, and then drag our tired ass to bed without even thinking about anything else. Not exactly sexy.

With this is mind, Dan Kopf at Quartz set out on a noble quest to figure out if Monday really is the least sexy day of the week, and not surprisingly, it turned out the be completely true.

For this, Kopf looked at some data from on-demand grocery company, Instacart, and compared condom sales on different days of the week. 

(Image: Instacart)

(Image: Instacart)

As you can see in the graph above, condom purchases dip significantly on Monday, and are highest on Friday and Saturday, probably because Mondays suck, and weekends are fun.

In conclusion, this graph is literal proof that Monday is the least sexy day of the week, and nobody is even remotely interested in having sex on that miserable day. The end.

H/T: Quartz / Life Hacker

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