Here’s the Point in a Relationship When You’ll Have the Best Sex

Gentlemen, start taking notes.

Well, this is definitely not helping the case for monogamy. A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior examines our moment of “peak sexual satisfaction” in a relationship, and it kind of makes you wonder why people get married at all.

The study polled 3,000 participants ages of 25 to 41 who were asked to rank their happiness in bed on a timeline. Ultimately, researchers discovered that your shelf life for having hot sex in a relationship peaks at 12 months. ONE YEAR. That’s all we get for good sex?!

But there may be some good news to come out of it. In an interview with Telegraph, study author Claudia Schmiedeberg says, “We did not find that having children played a major role in a couple’s sexual satisfaction, which is remarkable as research has shown that sexual frequency is heavily influenced by the existence and age of children.” So if you want kids, at least you know that won’t necessarily kill your libido. Apparently only the the cruel ravages of time can do that.

If you’re looking to keep the bedroom vibes going strong even after a year, though, might we suggest one of these? You’re welcome.

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