15 Sex Tips Women Wish You Knew

You’re welcome.

woman in bed

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Think you know exactly what a woman wants in bed? Think again, buddy, because there’s a good chance you don’t. 

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Truth be told, sometimes women themselves don’t even know what they want in bed. All they know is that they want to have really good sex, and they want it now. Confusing, I know.

There are, however, certain things that all women enjoy during sex, and luckily, I came across a Reddit thread titled “Ladies, what are some sex tips you wish every guy knew?where women explain what those things are, in brute detail. 

You might want to take notes, gentlemen. 

1. “Tease us…no need to rush. Take your time on each spot and pay attention to how we react to know whether you should move on or stay there a while longer.”

2. “Please don’t focus on the end game (your orgasm), it’s gonna happen, and I promise you, if you take your time, the end result will be oh so worth it.”

3. “Just because you’ve come, doesn’t mean I stop being horny and am ready to be done. I know you might be tired, but don’t just automatically assume I’m finished when I give you a little lull to get back into the action.”
-Deleted user

4. “It’s a turn on when a guy moans and expresses himself to me during sex. Talking dirty or just telling me how good I feel, and how he has been wanting me all day, or something like that. Also if a guy comes really loudly like a horny, euphoric bear, it’s so hot it will make me come in a burst.”

5. “Anal sex: SLOWLY. Use lube. Use a lot of lube. If you think you’ve used enough, use more. Then, go slowly. In fact, at first, just provide the cock. Let the ass happen to you. After that, we’ll show you how fast/how hard to go.”

You heard it here first, gentlemen: “Let the ass happen to you.”

6. “Be able to laugh in bed.”

Yeah, don’t laugh at those funny noises that happen during sex. I know it’s hard, but please try to stifle your giggles. 

7. “Don’t rush straight for the clit. You need to warm us up first. Our entire vulva is sensitive to touch. Lick, kiss, nibble, stroke, blow on, and flick your tongue over each and every part of it. And hum/make noise! We don’t care how stupid you sound, but those vibrations that travel up from your throat and onto our bits feel like the best vibrator ever.”

8. “Act like you give a fuck.”

So simple, yet so ignored. Come on, fellas. Even if it’s just a one-night stand, pretend like you care at least a little bit.

9. “I hate it when guys finger by going in and out fast. If I wanted you to fuck me, I’d ask you to use your dick.”

“Instead, swirl your finger in a circular motion- you hit places your dick never can, and my God. The results are phenomenal.”

10. “Spankage! Those of us who like it, prefer you do it often. Obviously communication is key, but if you are with a lady who wants to be spanked, dear God….spank her!!!”
-Deleted user

11. “Setting a mood is quintessential. When things feel romantic, we feel romantic. For women, the physical arousal doesn’t translate to mental arousal, and we need both for a good time.”

12. “Look me in the eyes whenever we are in a position that allows it.” 
-Deleted user

13. “It’s a clitoris, not a door knocker. Don’t start smacking it around like you’ve seen your favorite porn star doing. Chances are she has built up a resistance to sensitivity that the common gal has not.”
-Deleted user 

In other words, be gentle.

14. “The nipples aren’t the only sensitive area on the breast, stroking the sides and undersides can feel amazing.”

15. “I love rough sex. Don’t worry, I won’t break.”

So, if she says she likes it rough, she likes it rough. Don’t hold back, my dudes.