Meet The Stripper-Turned-‘Sex Witch’ Who Will Cast Orgasmic Spells on Your Junk

Hocus pocus just got a whole lot more fun…

sex witch


Some people in this weird-ass world believe in the occult, and practice magic such as divination, hoodoo, and hexing an awful ex with bad luck or death, or something. 

31-year old Aussie ‘sex witch’ Shaney Marie, however, uses magic for a nicer, albeit somewhat stranger purpose…and casts spells on sexually frustrated men and their junk.

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Marie, who identifies as an “eco-sexual”, meaning nature and trees and a brisk autumn breeze turn her on, worked as a stripper for a long time, but decided to trade her clear plastic heels for incense and votive candles when she realized strip clubs are not the most respectful of places.

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“Sex witchery involves using ancient pagan ways of being to unlock greater pleasure pathways. When I was a stripper, I noticed most men were coming to me in search of deeper connections and had nowhere else to turn to.

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“I looked back to ancient times. There were once temples where men would seek counsel and healing from erotic dancers,” she told Caters News.

“Men objectify women, but women objectify them with their wallets. It is no longer a place of love and there is not a lot of respect on either side of the sexes,” she says of strip clubs. 

So, Marie decided to become a sex witch, where she uses her “powers” and does a little hocus pocus to help male clientele achieve a deeper sexual connection with their manhood through the use of charms, enchantments, and prayer.

In her practice, Marie teaches men, who she calls her disciples, to pray at love altars and use crystals and sex toys to achieve mind-blowing orgasms. You know what they say — the bedroom is where the magic happens. Kudos for tapping into that, Marie.

“I decided to return to the older roots and bring on an awakening,” she says.

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Fun fact: Crystals are supercharged with different energies, and different crystals have different healing properties. For example, rose quartz hums with the vibration of love, which is the highest in the universe. Cool stuff for those who believe in it.

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You can also stick crystals up your butt for the sake of orgasmic bliss instead of wearing them as talismans, because crystal dildos totally exist. Hey, just putting it out there. 

And guess what? Marie’s sex witchery doesn’t stop there. She can also cast a spell or two on your dick if you would like her to. She’ll say an incantation or something, and abracadabra. Good, sexy vibes now reside in your junk.

“Spell-crafting can involve boosting pleasure. It is one of the most powerful forces you can experience. It’s like rocket fuel for manifestation.”

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Is your sex life in need of a little magical assistance? This sex witch can totally help you out with that…if you live in Australia. 

Marie hopes to expand her services to international grounds one day, but for now, only Aussies can have spells cast on their penises. Sorry.

H/T: New York Post